That DAM Show

I have just been listening to the first episode of my good friend Colin Birch’s latest online magazine That DAM Show.

The programme is a much needed overview of what’s happening in the world of Digital Asset Management and looks at issues here and in the USA concerned with storing and, perhaps more importantly, finding material.

The numbers are huge: the amount of material being generated by us all (text, audio, video etc) is incredible and growing. Not all of it worthy of archiving perhaps, but archiving is only a part of the issue.

I was heavily involved with researching DAM technologies and issues for a business we were looking to develop while I was running Molinare, which would have required a lot of capture, meta tagging, storage & retrieval. All fascinating stuff to me.

Sadly, back then in 1999 – 2002, the technology was still too expensive for us to make the numbers work commercially and we eventually had to put the project to one side.

Today of course DAM is absolutely central to a successful creative industry and, dull though it may appear be to some creatives, being able to put your hand on something you need quickly and accurately surely comes high on a list of requirements, even in small organisations.

That DAM Show is well worth a listen to and I wish Colin and his co-hosts success with it. I’ll be tuning in for more!

You can find it here: