Wimbledon grass photographs

Wimbledon grass photographs

Mildly interesting technique; projecting a negative onto growing grass to produce a grass based photograph; a ‘photograss’ perhaps.

Might now be possible to take a photograph of a nicely mown lawn and then make grass with an image of nicely mown grass on it. Would that be cheating I wonder?

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Invisible Sheds & Exploding Marmite

I subscribe to The Register, an online news digest with a technology lean. It is irreverant, informative and pithy. In particular I love the headlines.

One which caught my attention this morning was:

“It would seem that the Currant Bun scribes have spoken to a squaddie from the Royal Engineers, who claims to have been involved in trials last week featuring a (take your pick) James Bond Die Another Day Aston-Martin / Klingon Bird-of-Prey / Harry Potter’s cloak -style tank which can become invisible.”

Other recent headlines included:

We knew about Vera – we must be around 50…

Had a lovely afternoon helping Martin Parsons celebrate being 50. The gathering included some of the great names of London’s Post production scene and we chatted happily for hours.

I mentioned an item I’d read about on the TIG that had a link to some ancient footage of the BBC’s first video tape recorder (Video Electronic Recording Apparatus VERA). Classic stuff. It was shown live on the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs programme, Panorama, in 1956.

A delightful engineer and musician, Ian Chisolm remembered seeing one whilst training at BBC’s Kingswood Warren in 1967.

Considering VERA was completely obsolete even when it was being shown to the British public in 1956 it displays a certain stubborness to retain the thing for so long outside the science museum.

Slightly surprising to find so many people my own age. I never thought we make it this far!


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This made me smile!

I came across this great list of wierd events on a blog:


It really makes one wonder what we need TV for with all the endless variety of entertainment available around the country.