Looking for venues

We are looking at the possibility of putting on a small seminar this year for business owners wanting to get a better idea of how to market their businesses on the Internet.

 This is something I was very close to doing in December last year but in the end I had too many committments and had to abandon the idea.

So, starting again, we are looking at venues in and around the local area. One right on our doorstep that looks interesting is Kingshill House, Dursley it is also a local art centre, but has a good range of rooms available for hire. I’ve been there a few times, sadly never to one of the events, which always look interesting, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Definitly one for the short list.


First test of Writely

So there we are then

The 21st Century brings with it a typewriter that you can’t see connected by wireless to a different country to produce a document that is never printed.



Tadpoles in August???

I’ve noticed that there are still a few tadpoles swimming around the pond. Is this normal? I thought they should have grown into frogs or toads ages ago.


What a lot of Hot Air!

Oh it has been hot today! But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I spent the day tidying my garden shed in the heat which is so dull I’m not going to mention it again.

It was getting cooler yesteday evening and just as I was getting the barbeque alight (more hot air) I looked up and noticed a hot air balloon drifting up the valley (we live on the top of a hill looking over a fabulous valley, with the little town below). A few minutes later there was another. Then another. And one more after that. Taffy (aged whippet, not given to barking) started barking at the big blue monster about to dive in and steal things. Egged on by Benjamin of course.

Then another balloon. And yet another. Oh this is tedious. In the end I counted FOURTEEN in the sky at once and as they began to drift over towards the east and away over the hill, yet another three. So SEVENTEEN hot air balloons. Quite a sight. All gently roaring away from time to time and drifting on the evening breeze.

This made me smile!

I came across this great list of wierd events on a blog:


It really makes one wonder what we need TV for with all the endless variety of entertainment available around the country.

Websites that demand action

I built a website a little while ago for the Bedfordshire School Structure organisation (www.bedfordshireschoolstructure.org.uk).

It is a group of parents who are opposed to the way the local government is planning to make profound changes to the school structure, taking it from a very healthy 3 tier system to the more common but arguably much less satisfactory 2 tier system.

The vote takes place next Thursday and I do hope that the parents’ work, perhaps helped by the website, influences the Councillors to take the right decision and keep the 3 tier system alive in Bedfordshire.

Mud, rain and being a boy

Let's get this straight. I don't like sports at all. Especially football. But this afternoon little Benjamin suggested we go to the local park and play football. What is a father to do? Play football naturally!

It was great fun. He has quite a good kick considering how seldom he's played with a ball. It is not terribly powerful but it is pretty accurate. More amazing than that, as far as I am concerned, is that we were playing in a drizzle. Now Benjamin has a minor fit if he gets wet or dirty, but this afternoon he happily got both rather soggy AND muddy in the pursuit of his sport. What made the trip to the park even better was that his big brother was having a kick about with a friend of his (these are two big lads, around 16years older than Benjamin) and when they'd finished they came over an played passing and goal scoring with him. He thought it was splendid and was so grateful that they'd done so. "I'm very lucky boy to have them play football with me".