John Graves Antique Restorer

John Graves, my first employer, left the world of TV a while ago and trained as an antique restorer.

He now has a website at that gives his contact details. I have seen the photos of his work and it  is superb. There will be a gallery of before & after pictures coming soon.


The Hunt for the Missing Engineers

Following my earlier work for Skillset on their strategic action plan for the UK’s Facility Sector, I have been following Skillset’s blog concerning the source of engineers in the UK.

Part of my previous work on the Strategic Plan brought me in contact with John Maizels in Australia and his work on their certification programme (MITC).

I am now about to begin work on examining the needs of the different sub-sectors of the UK’s creative media industy, looking at the qualifications/accreditations available and in use and then looking at the MITC scheme in more detail to see if we should use it, or a derivative of it, here.

To do this work I will be in contact with a very wide range of people and arranging round table discussions to garner views and opinions. I will be setting up a number of different ways of getting the wider discussion going, ideally using the web.

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Sunshine and blue skies

Ah the joy of working for one’s self! Today is just right for reading in the sunshine, so that’s what I’m doing. I have four books to review for IBC Radio this year (105.6 fm).

  1. Descriptive Metadata for Television – by Mike Cox, Linda Tadic & Ellen Mulder
  2. IPTV  & Internet Video – by Wes Simpson & Howard Greenfield
  3. Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – by John Purcell
  4. Filming the Fantastic – by Mark Sawicki

The books are all published by Focal Press and make for very interesting reading, mainly as primers in their particular topics.

So without further ado I must adjourn to the cool shady spot in the garden with my notepad, my cup of tea, a generous slice of Victoria Sponge and a neat pile of rather techie books! Bliss.

Training success

I just had a wonderful email that I’ve put onto my Digital Television Specialist blog:

I did the training for First Post/South West Screen in Bristol for a lovely group of trainees.

Benjamin and I have been watching Dr Who all week. A little ritual at 7pm when we settle down to be frightened and discuss special effects!

Benjamin, like a generation or two before him, hides when the monsters arrive. And the Cybermen and Daleks are just as scary now as they were back in the ’60s! I can remember having to hide when the music came on and being very frightened by the opening graphics (horrifying swirling white clouds – the stuff of living nightmares, or so I thought then.)

These new series are a welcome return too, after a string of weak and feeble Drs and plots. And of course this time round I check the titles for the people I know who made it!

IBC 2006

Iv’e just arrived in Amsterdam for this year’s exhibition. It’s going to be a busy show for me this year with two projects to research and report on.

I am looking at these general areas of activity:

  1. Delivering video material over IP networks
  2. Digital Asset Management systems & Integration
  3. Film grading technologies
  4. Digital Terrestrial TV technologies

That’s quite a load to absorb over the 4 days!

Development in Display Technology

Just posted an item about exciting new development in display technology. Still at experimental stage but could be amazing.