Equestrian Fun Rides and Sponsored Rides Diary UK

Jane has just updated the Riding Diary with a new section on equstrian fun rides:

FUN RIDES, SPONSORED RIDES, PLEASURE RIDES ALL of the horse fun rides, sponsored rides and pleasure rides on ONE PAGE!

Looking for a Fun Ride?Take a look at the list below!
The Fun Rides below are shown in date order – just click to find out more!Interested in taking part in a Fun Ride but are not sure what to expect?Take a look at the Rides listed on the Riding Diary – many have schedules or web-links where you can find out more. Fun Rides can vary in length from 8 miles to 15 miles or more. The numbers of riders taking part can also vary a lot – some of the big Sponsored Rides raise thousands of pounds for charity each year and have hundreds of riders taking part.At the other end of the scale there are much smaller rides that will often be much quieter. Often a Fun Ride will have several routes available of different lengths. And many will have jumps – but these are usually optional!

Equestrian Fun Rides and Sponsored Rides Diary UK

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Going To Spain? I Wish!

Looking forward to going back to Spain soon. We have a little apartment there and whilst surfing around for Spanish lessons last year I came upon Rocket Spanish, which I found brilliant. A bit American but just so easy to follow.

I have a complete mental block when it comes to learning languages (bottom of the class in French, German and Latin) but because we are going to Spain so often it seems rude to me not to be able to understand a word of Spanish.

There are lots of courses available, of course. One of my neighbours took his GCSE & A-level in Spanish (he is in his mid 50s) but I think that’s going too far, so for my money its this easy to follow course. What did it for me was the 6 or so lessons they post you for free which I found so straightforward that I went for it.

Altitude excitement

Benjamin was in a state of elevated excitement yesterday about his new cabin bed.

This is a bed with outrageously long legs and a big space underneath for storage or playing.

Benjamin has been playing ships since it was put up in the late afternoon and spent his first high level night with his nose almost touching the ceiling (a slight exaggeration, but he did bump his head twice trying to bounce on the mattress!).

I sat on the bed and, though I never had such a thing, I can see why it is so much fun. I wonder if we could get a kingsize cabin bed, with an elevator?

Old age and cracks in the wall

I turned 50 on Wednesday, which was a relief. The day was gentle and delightful. Jane’s mother took Jane and me for a nice lunch at Hunters Hall, then a birthday tea with Benjamin and candle blowing, plus a lovely pile of birthday presents that Benjamin opened with relish!

In the evening Jane took me to see the new James Bond film, Casino Royale, whilst Hannah baby sat for us.

When we came in, I noticed several long pencil marks had appeared on the freshly painted wall in the drawing room. Later, as we went to bed, Benjamin woke up crying. He that had drawn on the wall and it was playing on his mind, poor little fellow. I asked him why he had done it. “I want to make it look like there was a crack in the wall.” he said in a sleepy little voice. Bless him!

Benjamin and I have been watching Dr Who all week. A little ritual at 7pm when we settle down to be frightened and discuss special effects!

Benjamin, like a generation or two before him, hides when the monsters arrive. And the Cybermen and Daleks are just as scary now as they were back in the ’60s! I can remember having to hide when the music came on and being very frightened by the opening graphics (horrifying swirling white clouds – the stuff of living nightmares, or so I thought then.)

These new series are a welcome return too, after a string of weak and feeble Drs and plots. And of course this time round I check the titles for the people I know who made it!

It was a doddle!

We went camping despite gloomy forecasts. The weather was tame and we enjoyed blissful sunshine most of the time. Friday and a bit of Saturday in Wells were grey and a bit drizzly in the morning with a couple of heavy showers at night and there was a tiny bit of heavy breeze to welcome us to Lyme Regis. But over all nothing to cause us any discomfort at all.

We had a great time and will definitly be off camping again!

And we are meant to be camping in this?

We are all packed and just about ready to go. The sun is shining brightly. However the weather forecast looks awful. The map is RED all over. Bearing in mind this is Benjamin’s first camping trip ever we are wondering how much fun it will be with the tent in rags and us being battered whilst semi-sumberged.

The trouble with weather forecasts is they are only ever right if you ignore them.


Here is what the forecast on www.metcheck.com says:

A developing area of low pressure will cross the UK during the course of Saturday and overnight into Sunday, some heavy rain and strong winds will develop across a large portion of the UK, but especially across Ireland, Wales and England.

Rain will push into extreme Western parts by the end of Friday and continue to progress Eastwards throughout Saturday. Some large rainfall totals are possible, especially across upland Western regions where in excess of 25mm to 35mm of rain is possible, this bringing the risk of some localised flooding after recent heavy rain. Strong to gale force winds will also be an additional hazard for a time across coasts and hills with hill fog also expected.

A combination of the heavy rain, strong winds and hill fog will create some hazardous travelling conditions.Conditions will slowly improve into Sunday as the low pressure clears away to the East of the country.

Metcheck.com – Global Weather Forecasts – [Updated on 01 September 2006 at 11:00] – Weather Feeds – Live Data – Long Range Weather Forecasts

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