Skillset Post Production Standards Review

If you work in Post Production you might be concerned about the standard and relevance of new entrants coming into the industry. Sometimes it seems that the right skills aren’t being taught, and the right training isn’t available.

Skillset wants to change that, but they need our assistance.

They want to create new Occupational Standards in Post Production that can be used to create new qualifications.

This is a big challenge for our industry, because these standards will be recognized by Government and the ensuing qualifications can be embedded in education, enabling universities and colleges to produce industry-savvy practitioners who have the right mix of skills to feed our industry.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but the best chance of it happening at all is with the industry’s input.

If you consider yourself to work in any section of the Post Production industry, Skillset are inviting you to look at the DRAFT work they’ve done already to help them make it better.

Please go to , download any docs that relate to your expertise and comment on what you think by filling in the online questionnaire. Give as much time to this as you want, even a little helps.

This is not a bureaucratic or academic exercise: real change in education and training will come from this, but only with your assistance.


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