Equestrian Fun Rides and Sponsored Rides Diary UK

Jane has just updated the Riding Diary with a new section on equstrian fun rides:

FUN RIDES, SPONSORED RIDES, PLEASURE RIDES ALL of the horse fun rides, sponsored rides and pleasure rides on ONE PAGE!

Looking for a Fun Ride?Take a look at the list below!
The Fun Rides below are shown in date order – just click to find out more!Interested in taking part in a Fun Ride but are not sure what to expect?Take a look at the Rides listed on the Riding Diary – many have schedules or web-links where you can find out more. Fun Rides can vary in length from 8 miles to 15 miles or more. The numbers of riders taking part can also vary a lot – some of the big Sponsored Rides raise thousands of pounds for charity each year and have hundreds of riders taking part.At the other end of the scale there are much smaller rides that will often be much quieter. Often a Fun Ride will have several routes available of different lengths. And many will have jumps – but these are usually optional!

Equestrian Fun Rides and Sponsored Rides Diary UK

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