MTV Fined By Ofcom – The Crumbling Edge?

Yesterday OFCOM announced that they had fined MTV £250,000  for serious breaches of the broadcasting code.

When you look at the judgement and read the offensive words that were broadcast by MTV before the nine o’clock watershed, and imagine being  the parent of a five or six your old, as I am, you can see why OFCOM acted as they did, indeed I applaud the judgement.

The problem is MTV is meant to be edgy, irreverent and a hot spice for the palettes of those looking for a more exciting televisual experience.  How can you be edgy, if you cannot offend? there is no easy solution to that; it is inherent in the exercise of pushing boundaries.

Ask anyone who lives near a cliff and they will tell you, whilst it may be exciting, it is till a bad idea to keep scrabbling up over the edge, because soon you will have eroded the land upon which you stand, and you will fall into the water!

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