The Thirty Day Challenge for 2008

If the terms Web 2.0 or Social networking have little or no meaning for you, or you feel that  anything beyond using Google on the Internet is a complete mystery, and only for  technical experts, then the 30 Day Challenge may well be for you.

Each year for the last four years, an Australian, Ed Dale, has been running a free month long training programme for people who have no experience at all of marketing or using the Internet to research, create and sell things.

The challenge each year is to make a tiny sum of money, typically around $10, by creating and selling a niche information product. The purpose of the exercise is less about making money in the first instance, and more about understanding the process of how people can set up businesses that require and little or no initial investment but which can provide useful income, If nurtured.

Ed’s 30 day Challenge programmes have shown thousands of people around the world how to use the internet’s social networks to  engage with people who are looking for very specific things, and how to build a relationship that provides value to both parties.

During the last four 30 day challenges Ed has taught people how to use the extraordinarily wide array of tools that are available on the Internet to discover what people are looking for, create valuable information, create a structured and sustainable marketing campaign to attract people to that information and how to sell it to them.

In marked contrast to much of the activity on the Internet, Ed Dale’s programme insists on using only absolutely ethical and moral methods.  Indeed, one of last year’s most successful competitors was a nine-year-old child in Australia, and this year Ed is specifically encouraging the participation of home educated children (of which there are very large number these days). The content remains family friendly at all times.

Ed himself is friendly and amusing, and often shares little family moments, not least because many of the videos that he makes to present the material have occasional interruptions from his two little daughters.

I have followed the challenge over the last two years, and whilst I have not yet attempted to participate seriously, I have still learned a great deal about search engine optimisation, how to write sales letter, what marketing is really about, the importance of market research to any project and using social networking.

as a result of the 30 Day Challenge I have been able to use a lot of what I’ve learnt to help my customers promote their websites and, although it takes quite a bit of time during the month-long programme, if you wanted to find out how you can make money using the Internet, perhaps as a paid hobby, or as a second string to your bow, or if you wanted to go the whole hog to provide a living, then this course is very highly recommended.

The 30 day challenge is not a pitch for some greater product or service and is completely freestanding.  Participation costs nothing and previous challengers have found it extremely enjoyable, and in many cases very fruitful.

Even if you do not take part in the challenge itself.  I would strongly urge you to sign up for the newsletter, and to watch the occasional tutorial to get a much better understanding of how social networking is changing the way the Internet is used by millions of people.

You can find out more about the 30 Day Challenge from the website:

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