RIP Taffy

It was a very sad start to the day. Little Taffy, our 12 year old whippet came to the end of his life. He was a sweet natured little fellow, always gentle and friendly and delightful company.

I first met Taffy when I first met Jane. He saw his role as chaperone and insisted on squeezing in between us when we sat together. I had not met a whippet before so when I saw him run for the first time I was amazed. He had a turn of speed that was breathtaking, though having zoomed around us in great circles for a few minutes, making high speed approaches then darting off again, he would consider his exercising of the humans complete and would be happy to trot homeward with us.

As he got older, Taffy, like many humans too, began to sleep even more (I suspect his version of reality was what we would think of as dreaming; only ever making brief forays into the waking world for a few hours at a time. Indeed, when the vet prescribed one medication recently, she warned us that it might make him drowsy. How, we wondered, would we be able to tell?

Taffy and Benjamin had a long standing agreement to share favourite sitting places. The agreement worked as long as Taffy got the larger share. Taffy ensured he won his share by gently oozing further and further along the shared place until he was satisfied the balance of the agreement had been met. This use to make Benjamin very cross, when he was small. He would push Taffy off and come to complain to an available parent.Taffy, however, would issue a look of disapproval but never raised a protest. He would, of course take full ownership of the space in question whilst Benjamin was appealing to the higher court.

On Sunday I took Taffy for a stroll around the field in front of our house. He checked all the doggy news, left a few comments and strolled home again, very slowly. The effort was too much for him.

Perhaps it was fitting  that it was to be his last walk. The field is being built over and only a small strip remains. Taffy’s walking spot has gone, and today, so has he.

We’ll miss you Taffy.


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