WiFi Woes

I have become completely reliant on my WiFi network and today it is giving me a lot of trouble. The signal in my office is quite poor, lots of interference from wireless phones and a weak signal to start with, but it just about holds together for most of my needs.

Trouble is I want to use Skype for some business calls and for that to work I need a really good wireless signal. so I bought a Belkin wireless repeater last week, which took an age to arrive and moments to set up. Oh dear though, there is no improvement at all, because the ideal place for the repeater is about half way between the main transmitter and my laptop and that puts it firmly in the centre of the garden.

So today I have a worse situation than before. The signal levels are marginal for both the original box and the repeater and the poor pc can’t decide which to listen to. Result; internet connection drops every few minutes. It’s like being back in 1997 on a 14.4k dial up to Compuserve.

Grumble Grumble.

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