Should This Blog Move?

I’ve been using for a while now and it has a couple of limitations from my point of view.

First, the terms of use preclude my putting any Google Ads (or any other similar ads) on my blog. OK so the blog isn’t about making money (just as well; Google Ads don’t make you rich on a blog by blog basis!) but I would like to have them and to see what comes up.

Second, I cannot email to the blog. does allow you to do that and it makes life much easier, rather than having to log in just ot make a quick observation or pithy statement.

Third, I’d like to have the entries FTPd to my own server (again Blogger allows that). After all this is my blog for my enjoyment – happy for other people to read it too and comment if they like, but it is primarily for me to look back on occasionally and I’d feel happier if the entries were on a server I have some control over.

So should it be moved? Would you, occasional visitor, click any Google Ads if I put them on?
Do you care what platform a blog appears on?

Let me know…

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