Will Music Pollution Fuel Road Rage?

Yesterday, as I was driving along, listening to BBC Radio 4, I was disturbed by the intrusion of a music station playing something not entirely unpleasant right over the top of the discussion I was enjoying. What made things worse is that I was waiting at a traffic lights in a queue of traffic, so couldn’t pull forward to see if maybe I was just picking up a stray local station.
Anyway the lights changed and I was moving again and the cross-channel interference passed.

A little further along the road there was another traffic queue and again I found my radio programme interrupted by the same music. Stuck behind the same car I realised what was happening.

The young lady in the car in front of me was listening to her iPod using a wireless repeater so she could hear it on her car radio. The trouble was the wireless was blasting out on the BBC frequency and radiating beyond her car.

So are we going to see conflicts over musical differences on the road?

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