What skills are crucial for SEO?

We’ll be running a short seminar for local business owners about SEO in a few weeks, because there is no one in a business who is better placed to control the important details than the person who has the most passion and knowledge about their business.

It was heartening to find this commentry on what skills are crucial for SEO therefore:

(1) Technical Knowledge: More than the web development knowledge, the knowledge of one’s own market and the major competitors are the key. Once a person is very good in this, then, the identification of the core keywords to focus is a cakewalk.

(2) Public Relationship: In order to create both quality and a good number of IBL (inbound links), the Public Relations skill is very important. One has to know the various related forums and submission site and slowly build relationship and goodwill from its users.

(3) Empathetic: To the usability and the navigation of the site, one has to be empathetic i.e., thinking from user’s point of view.

(4) Consistency and Persistency: This is the most important of all the skills. SEO is not a sprint race, but a Marathon i.e., a continual on going process. So one has to do all the above both consistently and persistently. No matter how good a person is with respect to the above skills, but not being consistent and persistent, the whole thing goes for a toss.

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