Google and YouTube

Well the news is stale now but it did mean I went and took a look around YouTube, which I hadn’t had a reason to before.

Far and away the best thing on there was geriatric1927’s video blog. A lesson to us all in modesty and upright thinking. How it fits into Google’s plans, and how it will change my already rapidly changing life, I cannot begin to guess. That it will, I have no doubt.

In the meantime I’ve seen aircraft landing in clouds of smoke, youngster’s folding teeshirts quickly and thousands of rubber balls being bounced down staircases, roads and carparks all in the name of advertising and parody.

I even made a video myself, showing my thermometer, which sank without trace and has had no viewers!

So the world turns and the rain rains and if none of it happens in the morning what ever will it matter?

Nigh night


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