On Websites for Business

We have seen a massive rise over the last few months in the number of businesses looking for their second or third revamp of their websites. And in that new wave we find that people have developed a much clearer idea of what they expect from their websites and how they integrate or feed into their businesses.

Out of this new awareness comes a checklist of considerations that must be addressed when building a proposal.

  1. The site has to be considered as part of an combined Pay Per Click and Natural Search ensemble
  2. The site must, therefore, be built with high search engine visibility in mind. So…
  3. The site MUST have excellent content that serves the potential customer well. It must be informative, honest and clearly written.
  4. The site must have plenty of content. A few stylish bullet points will NOT win any decent ratings in the search engines.
  5. The site must not use any devious tricks to try and fool the search engines (invisible text for example).
  6. The site must have a site-map.
  7. The site must be accessible to all web users. It may well be a legal requirement in some cases. Accessibility means takiong care with the site design to ensure that such things as choice of colours and layout methods do not prevent partially sighted viewers, or those using text readers, from being able to use your site.
  8. The site must have appropriate landing pages that work in conjunction with the Pay Per Click ad campaigns.
  9. The site must have good inbound links from other relevant and reputable sites.
  10. The site must have good outbound links to similarly relevant and reputable sites.

There’s much more, but you get the picture.

Now all this can seem daunting and it may not be needed at all for some areas of endeavour. But for the majority of new businesses or those wishing to revamp their business websites it is imperative to check these fundamentals.

Can it be done in house? Of course it can. Same as almost anything can be,  but it IS a full time job. The situation is developing rapidly and daily, so this cannot be left to someone in the office to do now and again. A dedicated specialist will need to be brought in or trained and given the task. For many businesses this can be a sensible and profitable way to go. But for many more businesses, large and small, using outside expertise is much more effective. Using a third party business will allow much faster results to be achieved at a lower cost and will avoid the problems of stagnation or empire building that can occur with small specialist groups within an organisation.

We offer such services through our web design business www.websitebuilders.co.uk and through our technical management business Waters Technical Services. Does it cost more than traditional websites used to cost? Yes, but not vastly more. There is a lot more work to do to prepare the site than with a simple graphic and bullet point website and that equates to increased cost. However the rewards for doing the work are easily recouped in addtional sales that are achieved when the site has been built to meed the new commercial expectations.

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