Who is my friend?

I had an email from a friend that just asked:

“Who is your friend?!”

Now I wonder what he means. Is it a query asking me to affirm our friendship? Maybe a general question regarding mankind as a whole.

It is an interesting question too, after all who is my friend? Assuming the implication in the question is one of total ownership of the friend in question, rather than shared (that might make it OUR friend rather than MY friend). As far as I know all my friends have other friends too, so in that sense I have no friends that are truly mine.

Then again the nature of friendship is sharing. Once can’t have friend if one is not prepared to share something. So if I have to reply that my friend is the person I share most with, well I suppose that makes it Jane or Benjamin. Or, slightly more bizarrely, it may be that there is some complete stranger out in the world with whom I share similarities of taste, outlook, physical and mental characteristics, so in that sense perhaps I cannot answer the question yet.

So a confusing question. I wonder what he meant?


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