Pond is a strange colour

The pond is a funny colour and yet it is much clearer than ever before.

Last year the pond was in a dreadful state. A star plant I’d brought years before had completely taken over and choked the pond. It was Hannah who spotted the fish gasping and when I went to look a couple of days later I found about a dozen dead fish floating about.

The water was a brackish brown and smelt horrible. It took a couple of days to pull out the offending plant.

Now, a year later, the water is almost clear (I can see the pebbles on the bottom but the level is rather low) and the few remaining fish whizz happily hither and thither. There are loads of frogs, some toads and a couple of newts and the water lily and irises are flouishing.

But on Saturday morning I noticed that the water, clear though it is, has a slightly milky bloom to it and I wonder why.

Why looking around I came across this interesting pond site I’m particularly interested in the 14 foot filtration tower!


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