Notes for picnic goers…

On Saturday we met up with my old freind Roger (Picture of Roger)  at Frampton. He and his family brought a lovely picnic with all sorts of lovely things to eat. I was in charge of organising the picinic that Jane and I took.

I thought a cup of coffee might be nice. Then I carried on with what I was doing and almost forgot to go to the picnic. The moment to depart came and I realised that no picnic had been prepared so I did a masterful jaunt around the kitchen whistling up a treat or two.

When it came to sharing our repast it appears that my whirlwind planning episode had failed to meet picnic goers expectations. I had a (rather small) flask of coffee, two bags of crisps a pair of apples (one of which was mealy and past its best) and, the bit I had been looking forward to, a spicy fruit cake. The cake had gone mouldy and was shrouded in green spores.

It was a bit of a disappointment.

Fortunately we then went to visit another friend, Tom, at his rather splendid house, where he offered us a most welcome glass of good red wine.

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