What a lot of Hot Air!

Oh it has been hot today! But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I spent the day tidying my garden shed in the heat which is so dull I’m not going to mention it again.

It was getting cooler yesteday evening and just as I was getting the barbeque alight (more hot air) I looked up and noticed a hot air balloon drifting up the valley (we live on the top of a hill looking over a fabulous valley, with the little town below). A few minutes later there was another. Then another. And one more after that. Taffy (aged whippet, not given to barking) started barking at the big blue monster about to dive in and steal things. Egged on by Benjamin of course.

Then another balloon. And yet another. Oh this is tedious. In the end I counted FOURTEEN in the sky at once and as they began to drift over towards the east and away over the hill, yet another three. So SEVENTEEN hot air balloons. Quite a sight. All gently roaring away from time to time and drifting on the evening breeze.


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