Tadpoles in August???

I’ve noticed that there are still a few tadpoles swimming around the pond. Is this normal? I thought they should have grown into frogs or toads ages ago.



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  1. I just found an article on UK Online that sheds some light on this…

    “…ponds do not act like natural flood or marsh ponds, which heat up, evaporate and become shallow in the Summer months. They are deeper, therefore colder than those which frogs would encounter in the wild. Very often they are sheer sided, providing no escape route from water to land. When this occurs tadpoles will wait until conditions are favourable, even if this is futile, until the following year.” Grandad Ray, 64 year old kid.

  2. I wanted to add that the conditions that Grandad Ray describes are exactly those found in our pond. It has very steep sides and although the water level has fallen a lot this summer it is by no means a dried up or muddy swamp! Also this year the lily pads have grown very well and are providing a great deal of shelter to the water so I expect, even accounting for the unseasonably hot weather in July, the water temperature is still fairly cool.

    So Tadpoles in August? Yes. Quite normal acually!

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