Finished it at last…

Early this morning (around 3am) I finished the first draft of a report I’m writing for a client. I had expected it to take me about 10 days to prepare but, typically, I had a hard drive failure so ended up ordering a new laptop then configuring it, by which time the slot I’d allocated to cracking off the report was pretty much used up. Now I had to write the report and carry on with building two or three websites as well as attending client briefings for TV consultancy work.

It’s been manic and I’ve been stretched so thin I’m virtually transparent. So yesterday I brought the report together. I thought it would run to around 20 pages so imagine my surprise when, at the point of printing it out, it now runs to 54 pages!

As I went to bed Benjamin woke up and was calling for Jane. I didn’t want her to be disturbed (one of us needs to be compus mentis today) so I snuggled next to him for a few minutes so he’d drop off to sleep again. That’s where I woke up this morning. Squished between the wall and a variety of cuddly toys with my head resting on a teddy bear’s lap.

Today, apart from a blog or two and a bit of RSS surfing, I’m having a day off. Typically of course it is raining. But I don’t care!


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