Perhaps I’m sqeamish but it seems wrong to me…

I am disgusted by Israel’s continued pummelling of Lebanon. And I am equally nauseated by America’s tacit approval of Israel’s actions. I would comment on our (UK’s) own role but our Government has commuted so much of our authority to America that we are for the time being one and the same, much to our discredit.

Israel has every right to defend itself from attack and it has put up with quite atrocious attacks for a long time. Attacks from people whose view of humanity is so utterly twisted that they feel it is wholly justified to kill and maim civilians to further their cause.

How completely wrong, therefore, for Israel and its many allies, to turn to the same tactics, albeit with high technology aerial bombs instead low tech people-bombs.

The scale of retalliation by this rich, intelligent, but rather arrogant, nation against its poor, dangerous and quite irrational neighbour is out of all proportion.

When the fighting is over and the bodies have been laid to rest I would very much like to see Israel pay to rebuild their neighbours country. Instead of conscripting young people into the Israelli army they should instead be conscripted into a useful workforce whose task is to rebuild what they have destroyed on so mighty a scale.

Clearly the atrocities being committed by both sides have to end. Hezzbolla are firing missiles intended to kill civilians, but mostly failing, Israel are firing missiles intended not to kill civilians but mostly failing.

In balance Israel is currently committing the greater wrong by bludgeoning the people who have little control over what is happening in their name.

That is what I think, based on what I see and hear though the media during the course of a normal life spent trying to make a living.

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