Graduation day at pre-school

It was a scorching hot day today; records were broken. However that didn’t stop us taking a stroll in the fields this morning. It was graduation day after all.

Little Benjamin was having his last ever day at Pre-school and Morven, the inspirational powerhouse behind Woodfield Nest pre-school, had orgainsed a lovely day of celebration.

We congregated at a little hut in Redwood Farm, near Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, at about 10:30 this morning. All the parents sat in a semi-circle whilst the staff and children went through a charming reportoir of songs and rhymes. It has to be said that Benjamin, hot and rather tired this morning, did not contribute very noticably to the entertainment. In fact he stood stock still, with a grim expression for the entire programme, apart from a very matter-of-fact bit of swaying to one song. Bless him!

After the concert it was time for the races. Benjamin shunned the egg and spoon race in favour of the bean bag race and the running race. Whilst he can run pretty fast, his ability to spot the starting signal rather deserted him and he lost a lot of time in each race. Poor little fellow was rather upset that he hadn’t won and never really recovered from the disappointment.

Then the fathers’ race. Oh I was cheated! It wasn’t fair. I want a drugs test on the competitors. I suspect favouritsm and rigging. Probably the slope was against me, and I’m certain the end line was not straight. Anyhow I didn’t win the beer…

Then to the picnic under the trees. Delightful views and cheerful banter. Benjamin was mostly cheerful, with a few lapses into fury here and there. He rushed off and enjoyed running about in the blazing sun before it was time for the graduation ceremony itself.

All the children were dressed in blue and yellow mortar boards (made from paper) and blue ‘gowns’ with yellow ribbons and made a delightful sight. Each child was called up to a round of applause and given a certificate and (the bit they actually registered) a party bag of little toys.

We left at about 12:45, sadly before the photographer arrived (he was well over an hour late) by which time the heat had evaporated Benjamin’s good humour entirely.

What a charming and enjoyable way to start a Wednesday,


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