We begin here…

Of course the work side of things is pressing. I should, for example, say that I am simulteneoulsy preparing a quote for a website, signing up some beta testers to a UK Government intranet site, planning the stories for a client's email newsletter campaign, researching IPTV for another project etc.

However today, being the first of these blogs, is given over to commenting on the activity in the pond. You see I have a delightful office in the grounds of our house in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside and next to my office is a pond. Big by town standards, small by rural I suppose. However big enough to house at least a dozen fish of various sorts, thousands of tadpoles and water skaters and a handful of newts and snails. No doubt more besides.

Since I moved here, some 8 or 9 years ago, the pond has been left to its own devices. I noticed that the water was a gloomy green and presumed that was the way with ponds. Of late, however, I have decided that clearish water is to be preferred, not least because I now spend a lot of time looking at the pond instead of working in my office!

About a fortnight ago I read that adding stockings filled with barley straw would help clear the water. I went ahead and dropped two well stuffed legs of stockings into the pond and waited. Oh and for good measure I added a couple of doses of Pond Clear a day or two ago. Today, for the first time, I am pleased to say there is definately some change to the murkiness of the water and, I shudder to say it in public, we may be on the way to clearing the water!


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